How long will it take for our wedding film to be finished?

We will deliver your film to you with in two months, but this can vary depending on our schedule. After we have filmed your wedding, the majority of the time spent goes into the editing process. We make sure that your video will be tailored to your day and will be bespoke as possible.

What will the length of the main film be?

Your wedding film will be approximately 20 minutes long and will act as an extended highlights of your day. Your wedding DVD will feature the ceremony and speeches in full, as well as a five minutes highlights package, that you can share on Facebook and YouTube as well as messages from all your guests.

What is your style?

We keep things as natural as possible, which means we wont be directing you. This day is not about us, it’s about you. Our passion is film-making, so we will make your video a cinematic experience. Our wedding videos are tailored to each couple, so we always delivery a unique service.

What can we expect from the Highlights film?

It’s a shorter version of the main wedding film, which will comprise of all the best moments of your day. This is the film we upload to our website, which you can then email it to your friends and family, and share across all your social networks.

Our wedding will not be in the UK, can we still book you?

Of course. We always welcome the opportunity to travel.

How long will you film for?

We will start your film with the bride and groom preparations, so the time we begin is specified by yourselves. We will then capture all the important moments of your day, up until shortly after the first dance.

Will there be any extra charges based on the distance you have to travel?

Yes, any travel expenses will be factored into your wedding video package. International work will be the price of a plane ticket and any other travel needed.

Will we have to provide you with food?

It’s not essential, but we would appreciate some food at the reception.

How will you be dressed at the wedding?

We will dress in suits and ties, as we always like to look our best.

Do you offer any discounts for weekday weddings or is there any potential for negotiation on the price?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any discounts as we feel the prices we charge, reflect the quality of our work.

How much does it cost and what exactly do we receive?

Have a look at our prices section for an approximate price. Our videos are tailored to each couple, so we will plan a package that best suits you.

Can we ask for changes to the finished film?

Definitely. When we have finished the film we can upload it online for you to preview. If then you would like any changes, feel free to contact us so we can implement those changes before delivering the final video. We want to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your wedding film.